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Tuberculosis History | Tuberculosis Contagious | Tuberculosis Pictures | Signs Of Tuberculosis
Signs Of Tuberculosis
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Tuberculosis Contagious
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Latent Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis History
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Tuberculosis Pictures
Pulmonary TuberculosisTuberculosis Facts


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keerthu says:    

It is very useful to all medical students

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Why cant the gov find prevention for tb like a pill.I think it will prevent it to spread so easily.Why does it come back again after treatment, it means they are ok with spending so much money on a patient

keerthu says:

It is very useful to all medical students

michael says:

Iv bin smoking since 2010 until I got some changes in my body in 2012.changes started to occurs in my abdomen I had this pain keeps burning and burning I don't know if its a ciggarrets that causes all of this.cause now in my life I keep worryng and worryng and ask myself why things had to be this way than It was before because of this pain that keeps burning in my upper body... People should know what they want to know

sudiksha sawant says:

Feeling bad

jit lama says:

I have been surring tv b4 3yrs .i compeletly use medicine six.month.from till date I have pain in my chest .so what the reason never grow my wait plz let me know.

sunil verma says:

Very dangers

Indhayare says:

Why buffin from human to animal?

Pankaj Rawat says:



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